Doctors who apply the Gorter Model can treat very well patients from the following areas:

    • Oncology
    • Chronic degenerative diseases
    • HIV-AIDS
    • Hepatitis B/C

Conditions that have been successfully treated with the Gorter Model include all metastasized solid tumors, such as breast, prostate, lung, liver, brain, colo-rectal, kidney and bone cancer.

Since 2001, more than 4000 patients were treated according to the Gorter Model so far.
 96% of these patients lived in terminal stages with no remaining therapeutic options. However, they frequently experienced partial remission and stabilize for several years with a very positive quality of life. Numerous patients experienced even sustained and complete remission.

The treatment implies hope, although not all patients improve. However, the cancer therapy here offered is non-toxic and does not debilitate patients. Even patients with stage IV cancer and have a life expectancy of three to six months maximum often report that they feel a certain sense of vitality and are able to maintain or improve their quality of life throughout much of the course of their illness.

Experts expect that within a few years, dendritic cells will become a part of the standard treatment of various forms of cancer. Dr. Gorter states that:

“The Gorter Model promotes especially immune therapies that are natural and non-toxic cancer, and where dendritic cells play a crucial role. Among oncologists around the world, the consensus is that very soon the application of dendritic cells in cancer patients is the future.”